Great British Aircraft Spares

Hawker Hunter

Instrument Panel Layout

Shown here is a panel from a Hunter F Mark 4. The instrument details refer to late F.4 or early F.6 aircraft, although alternative instrument details are provided for other marks where appropriate.

Hunter F.4

Note: numbers in square brackets refer to key numbers on the diagram above.

Air speed indicator - Mk.12A 6A/3158

Artificial horizon [47] - Mk.4 (pre Mod.654) 6A/3063 or Mk.4A (post Mod.654) 6A/5039

Rate of climb indicator - Mk.3(P) 6A/2697 or Mk.3(Q) 6A/7677

Altimeter (typical examples) -

  • Mk.19B 6A/5040 (Hunter F.4, F.5 and early F.6)
  • Mk.19C 6A/7018 (Hunter F.6)
  • Mk.19F 6A/8267/1 (Hunter F.6 and F.6A or as standby altimeter in FGA.9)
  • Mk.22F (later Hunter F.6 and F.6A)
  • Mk.30B (height-encoding) 6A/6206302 (post Mod.1375 Hunter F.6A and FGA.9)

Gyro-magnetic compass Mk.4F - Type "A" 6B/2035 or Type "B" 6B/563

Turn and slip indicator - Mk.3 6A/5546

Tail plane position indicator [45] - 6A/4741

Machmeter - Mk.3A 6A/3300

Flap position indicator [40] - 6A/3567

Flap lever switch [40] - 5CW/6968

Jet pipe temperature gauge - 6A/3577

Tachometer - Mk.10A 6A/2801

Undercarriage position indicator [37] - Type D.1 5CX/5164

Undercarriage operating switch [39] - 5CW/6983

Cabin altimeter [55] - Mk.18 6A/2709 or Mk.21 6A/4245

Accelerometer [44] - Mk.2 6A/3451

Fire warning pushbutton [52] - 5CW/6311