Great British Aircraft Spares

de Havilland Vampire T.11

Instrument Panel Layout

Shown here is a panel from a Vampire T.11 trainer. Several variations in the panel layout were seen throughout the life of the T.11 - the example shown here is taken from 3rd Edition of the Pilot's Notes dated September 1955.

Vampire T.11

Note: numbers in square brackets refer to key numbers on the diagram above.

Air speed indicator - 6A/4722

Artificial horizon - Mk.3C

Rate of climb indicator - Mk.3(P) 6A/2697

Altimeter - Mk.XIV 6A/3380

Gyro-magnetic compass Mk.4F - Type "A" 6B/2035 or Type "B" 6B/563

Turn and slip indicator - Mk.3 6A/5546

Machmeter [26] - Mk.2 6A/3384

Jet pipe temperature gauge - 6A/3577

Tachometer - reading to 20,000 rpm

Range and Heading (Rebecca) indicator [18] - 10AF/530

Triple brake pressure gauge [17] - Mark 1D

Fuel contents gauge [13] - reading to 2700lbs

Undercarriage position indicator [22] - Type D.1 5CX/5164

Cabin altimeter [24] - Mk.18 6A/2709

Fire warning pushbutton [28] - 5CW/6311

Flap position indicator [29] - 6A/2136

GGS selector/dimmer [16] - click for photo

GGS controller [12] - click for photo

Guns/RP selector [11] - click for photo

GGS instructor/pupil selector [40] - click for photo

'Rebecca' control unit [33] - click for photo