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Shown here are examples of the stock we have available. Many items are in NOS condition and still packed in their original boxes. Remember, this is just a taster of what's on offer - if you have a 1940s - 1970s aircraft/cockpit/instrument panel to fit out, then we're certain to be able to help.

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04_1_b.jpg (5949 bytes)
Rate of climb indicator Mk.3(P) as used in Vampire, Hunter etc..

4f_1_b.jpg (6390 bytes)
Mk.XIV altimeter as fitted to late Spitfires, Meteor, Vampire etc..

7c_1_b.jpg (4461 bytes)
Radiator temperature gauge 6A/1480 as used in Lancaster, Mosquito, late Spitfire and many other wartime aircraft.

8b_1_b.jpg (5845 bytes)
Dunlop triple brake pressure gauge Mk.1D as fitted to many post-WWII aircraft and similar to the instrument used in the Spitfire, Hurricane, Mosquito etc..

9c_1_b.jpg (4138 bytes)
5C/543 Air Ministry switches as used in just about every wartime British aircraft.

9e_1_b.jpg (4195 bytes)
6A/1032 compass corrector. Fitted beneath the P4, P8, P10 and P11 compass and used in such aircraft as the Spitfire, Hurricane, Mosquito, Lancaster etc..

50_1_b.jpg (5818 bytes)
340 Knot airspeed indicator 6A/1294 as fitted to the Lancaster, Lincoln etc..

91_1_b.jpg (2430 bytes)
Rotax de-icing pump as fitted to most WWII British aircraft, e.g. Mosquito, Spitfire, Hurricane.

a8_1_b.jpg (5129 bytes)
Oil temperature gauge 6A/1477 as fitted to late Spitfires, Mosquito, Tempest etc..

fd_1_b.jpg (6283 bytes)
Machmeter 6A/3154 as used in many post-WWII British jets, e.g. Canberra, Vampire, Meteor.

ff_1_b.jpg (5421 bytes)
Oxygen regulator Mk.XIb as used in the Tempest, later Spitfires, Mosquito bomber etc..

0f_1_b.jpg (6182 bytes)
Bomb Fuzing Selector as used in many British bombers - Lancaster, Stirling, Halifax etc..
01_1_b.jpg (3272 bytes)
3-way rotary switch as used in Mosquito, Lancaster, Vampire, Hunter etc.
2e_1_b.jpg (5502 bytes)
Large G-meter. Fitted to Vampire T.11 in place of instructor's gunsight.
5a_1_b.jpg (6153 bytes)
Mosquito fuel contents gauge.
8c_1_b.jpg (5053 bytes)
Mk.29 altimeter as fitted to Phantom, Sea Vixen etc..
8e_1_b.jpg (4350 bytes)
Wessex helicopter cyclic control grip.
29_1_b.jpg (5515 bytes)
Zero Reader indicator as fitted to Canberra etc..
bb_1_b.jpg (5688 bytes)
Kelvin and Hughes electric turn and slip indicator.
ea_1_b.jpg (5454 bytes)
Vulcan hydraulic pressure gauge.
fc_1_b.jpg (6060 bytes)
Altimeter - 6A/6610.
24_1_b.jpg (3903 bytes)
6A/2136 flap position indicator as used in the Mosquito, Vampire, Venom etc..